What is craft wine?

You probably know what craft beer is, as in the lasts years it has been the protagonist of the beer market. Craft beer is now so popular that, ironically, even big industrial groups are now producing craft beer, clearing out all the craftiness from these beverages.
What about craft wine?

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The Montepulciano Vine

We just recently began enjoying the products of this amazing vine, as it was considered Sangiovese until the ampelographic analysis of the 1970s. This mistake was probably due to the massive cultivation of Sangiovese grapes in the Montepulciano area, in Tuscany.

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Sparkling wine needs a Flute Glass

It often happens to drink a beverage in a glass that is not the one studied to contain it, like receiving a Pils beer into a chalice; actually, using the right glass can make a big difference, especially for wine.

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Prosecco: 6 things you didn’t know about this wine

Impossible not knowing Prosecco, the white wine with a pale yellow color, fresh, shiny, brilliant. It is appreciated mostly in its fizzy version and is very popular since the ’90s also because is an essential ingredient of the famous cocktail Aperol Spritz. Everybody knows it, but here below you find 6 things that you probably didn’t know just yet.

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