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Vineyard training systems

The style of the wine you are sipping is the result of many factors, not just the characteristics of the used grape or grapes. The process of shaping the wine begins in the vineyard, controlling the yield of the vines, ensuring they get enough sun, enough water, enough warmth.

One of the basic ways that the vinegrower controls these factors is by choosing a specific training system for his vineyard.

Let’s discover the main ones.

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Wine world after COVID-19

2019 has been a positive year for the wine industry, a year in which consumption and production were balanced, and a new record in commerced volumes, with Italy as the world leader, was established. The deep fall of Ho.Re.Ca. and enotourism of this year, though, will radically and permanently change the world of wine: consumption, prices, profits are expected to lower, especially in Europe, between 35% and 50%.

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Sweet wine making

Nothing better than a glass of Moscato d'Asti to pair your Easter dessert, or a sip of Picolit to complete your herb-cheese tasting experience.
Sweet wines haven't been popular in the last years as they were in the past, but they have a lot to tell to the one who is willing to listen. Discover more on the delicate techniques to make them with our latest infographic.

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Wine and Cheese

One of the best ways to enjoy wine is by pairing it to food. The right match can exalt the flavor and characteristic of both, with the wine complementing or smoothing the personality of the food, improving its style, and your overall experience.
Wine and cheese are amongst the most typical pairings for a meal or a snack, and we suggest you try the options below, sure that you’ll love them!

wine and cheese pairings

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Barolo wine and unified Italy: what do they have in common?

In Italy Barolo is called “the king of wines” and this nickname is well deserved for its long history, its excellent characteristics and international prestige and popularity. Not everybody knows that the histories of Barolo and the Italian nation are connected by the same advocate: a man generally known as Cavour.

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Chianti vs Chianti Classico: Italian wine disambiguation

chianti fiasco Italian wineChianti is one of the most famous Italian wines in the world, typically associated with a squat bottle enclosed in a straw basket, the “fiasco”.
Chianti region (and wine) has been crucial in the history of Tuscany and central Italy, being a major source of income for the local duchy. This is the reason why in 1716 Chianti area become the first appellation of origin of the history, protecting the important wine from counterfeit and imitations.

During the centuries, the Chianti area has changed many times, as well as the recipes to produce the wine, and many different sub-regions have been created: this often creates confusion in the consumer that can’t fully understand the label on the bottle.

A main source of confusion is the difference between Chianti and Chianti Classico wines, so we created this infographic to summarize the major discrepancies.

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The Tank Method for sparkling wines

Developed by Eugène Charmat in 1907 and now known with many names (Charmat method or Metodo Italiano for example), the Tank Method is the main alternative to the Traditional Method (or Champenoise Method) for producing sparkling wines.

A few weeks ago, in this post, we summarized the procedure of the Traditional Method; now we focus on the Tank Method, which allows us to enjoy amazing wines like Prosecco and Lambrusco.
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Effects of Corona Virus on small Italian winemakers

The 11th march 2020, Italy has stopped. Actually most of Italy, as some industries that grant basic services or have their offices/factories sanitized periodically are still open.

Among the others, agriculture is one of the sectors which wasn’t stopped, but the effects of Corona Virus are heavy and widespread. Just think of the urgent re-organizations that small fruit and vegetable producers need because street markets are not happening, or the amount of plants wasted in flower shops.

Grapegrowers and winemakers are of course no exception, and since Vitium is always in touch with the small producers we like to support our work, we interviewed a couple of them, from different Italian regions, in order to understand what’s happening to their business.

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Wine in the Time of Corona Virus

The new decade has begun in a traumatic way. January has been characterized by the tension between Iran and the USA, but in the meantime, the great protagonist of February’s news was already preparing its outcoming.

Corona Virus is currently the top one preoccupation of the world, dominating newspaper and broadcast channels, even when the South Pole is dramatically melting. With 79’827 cases and 2’870 deaths (March 1st, 2020), the spread of this new disease has changed the lives of millions of people in China and around the world. Economies are collapsing, industries are frozen, and many businesses are struggling to carry on.

The wine industry, for instance, is facing many challenges whose solutions are difficult to foresee.

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Traditional Method Infographic

Wine lover or not, you probably heard of Champagne, the most famous and expensive sparkling wine, a symbol of France all around the world.

Have you ever wondered how this iconic wine is made?

This infographic quickly explains the “Traditional Method” used to make Champagne, Cava, Franciacorta, and many more sparkling wines…

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What are the main grapes of Italy?

We know that Italy is among the world’s biggest producers of wine and is the lead of the sparkling wines exporters chart, as Prosecco surpassed Champagne in 2014.

Italy is a very interesting producer also for historical reasons and for having a uniquely wide vine panorama, with more than 500 native grapes, besides the main international varieties. But what are Italy’s most grown vines?

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What is craft wine?

You probably know what craft beer is, as in the lasts years it has been the protagonist of the beer market. Craft beer is now so popular that, ironically, even big industrial groups are now producing craft beer, clearing out all the craftiness from these beverages.
What about craft wine?

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Sparkling wine needs a Flute Glass

It often happens to drink a beverage in a glass that is not the one studied to contain it, like receiving a Pils beer into a chalice; actually, using the right glass can make a big difference, especially for wine.

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