Christmas wine: classical or original choice?

Christmas is approaching and even if you are trying to resist the temptation of assembling your Christmas Tree, we are sure you are already thinking about the menu for the 24th dinner or 25th lunch.

Whether you are changing the menu every year or keeping the same formula, you know there are many things to be careful about: where to buy the raw materials (meat, fish, vegetables), the taste and preferences of the guests, and, of course, the wine to uncork.

Exactly, because as we always say, sipping the right wine during your meal can really improve and intensify the taste of the food.

Christmas wine
Picking the wine for Christmas is a delicate process

The fashion of the Christmas Wine

Italy is so radically tied to wine, which is part of its core culture and tradition, that some trends didn’t have success here, but elsewhere in Europe and beyond, many “Christmas wines” are produced and sold.

The most popular example is probably the Gluühwein, or Vin Brulè in Italian, coming from German-speaking countries such as Germany and Austria, but the aromatized wine doesn’t stop there. We can find wines with maple syrup, wine with spirits, beers, and liquors with spices and fruit juices.

Our opinion about those beverages? They are amazing to warm you up while walking in a Christmas market or by an ice-skating rink, but should stay away from the lunch/dinner table.

Wine for your Christmas

This being said, let’s dive into the core of this article and see what are the classical wine-food pairings for your Christmas, in case you are cooking something Italian.

Everybody knows agnolotti, right? These amazing dough-pockets fill with meat, typical from Piedmont, are traditionally consumed sided by a local wine, Barbaresco DOCG. Why not giving them a twist, pairing a Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOC instead?

Let’s move eastwards to Veneto, where Baccalà alla Vicentina (dried cod Vicenza style) calls for a Soave DOC. We suggest trying an Etna Bianco DOC, uniting north and south of Italy with this Sicilian wine.

Will you be eating pasta in broth, like Passatelli or Tortellini? The type of broth is crucial here, but it’s almost never wrong to uncork a Pagadebit di Romagna DOC or a Franciacorta DOCG.

What about a Cappone ripieno (Chicken-dish from Campania)? That’s perfect with a Rosso Piceno DOC!

And finally, let’s not forget the dessert: Moscato d’Asti DOCG is ideal with Panettone, or Cannoli or Cassata, but try a Ramandolo DOCG from Friuli Venezia Giulia, you will thank us!

An original Christmas

What wines will you uncork during your Christmas festivities? Let us know! Comment this article or share your photos on our social pages.

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