Halloween Special: Halloween Wine and Pumpkin pairings

Even if the majority of the world, especially in these days, consider it just a decoration, in Italy the pumpkin is a key element of many regional and ancient recipes

In order to enjoy those dishes at best, you have to be careful about the wine you pair.

The Pumpkin

The pumpkin we are now considering is the also called Zucca Mantovana (Pumpkin from Mantova) which is big, round and has a bright orange color.

halloween wine and pairing with pumpkin
The Mantovana Pumpkin

The pulp of this great vegetable is cooked in many different ways around Italy: it can be steamed, fried in a pan or baked, using a small or more generous amount of spices and in any case, it maintains its unique sweet taste and silky texture.

These characteristics make it a perfect match for fresh cheeses as Gorgonzola or Brie, with smoked fish or with spiced meat.

What wine should you pair, then, with an ingredient so versatile?

The Halloween wine

The strategies we can use are mainly two: accordance and contrast.

To contrast the sweet taste of pumpkin we need an acidic Halloween wine, maybe sparkling or fizzy, whose freshness can clash with the sugar, improving the general flavor of the dish. The principle is the same as pairing the pumpkin with cheese or crispy bacon (in this last example there’s also a tactile sensation that comes into play).

halloween wine and italian recipes
Pumpkin mousse with fresh cheese and sage leaves

If you’re cooking a Risotto with Pumpkin or some Polenta with Mushrooms and Pumpkin, then you should opt for a Greco di Tufo DOCG or a Prosecco di Valdobbiadene DOCG (read our article about 6 things you don’t know about Prosecco).

On the opposite, looking for accordance in the wine-food pairing would imply a sweet-ish Halloween wine, rich in perfumes and aromas. For example, you could sip some Lambrusco Reggiano DOC or Lugana DOC or also, why not, a Lugana DOC Vendemmia Tardiva (late harvesting) with a Pumpkin and Leek soup.

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