The Winery

The winery owns 5 hectares of vineyards and it’s located inside the Colli Orientali del Friuli DOC, in Friuli Venezia Giulia, north-eastern Italy.
The first wine grower of the family was grandpa Luigi, who left the small mountain town of Cernetig, where he was born, and moved to a small colony close to the town of Ipplis. In 1924, he planted the first vines of Tocai Friulano (now just Friulano) on top of Orlando Hill.
After Luigi, his son Giuseppe and grandson Paolo kept the winery living and improving its products, without forgetting the traditional methods, the legacy of the past generations.

The Land

The small winery and its vineyards are in the town of Ipplis, inside the Colli Orientali del Friuli DOC. This region is particularly prestigious for wine production and has an amazing hilly landscape that surrounds the city of Udine, from Tarcento, in the north, towards Slovenia, touching the country border, and down until Buttrio.


The production

The name of the wine, Senjan, is a word in the language spoken in Friuli which means celebration, and Paolo Cernetic produces it with 100% Pinot Blanc grapes and following the Traditional Method.
He uses a white sugar syrup for the Tirage and a special family recipe for the Dosage
Degorgement is performed ala glacé.

Organoleptic Analysis

Fine and persistent perlage, as all Traditional Method sparkling wines should be.
The color is pale yellow, shiny, transparent and with a light lime-green rim.

Elegant perfume, not very intense but balanced.
Aroma of white flowers, citrus.

Pleaseant fizzy sensation, small bubbles.
A nice acidty and persistence; white flowers and citurs come back on the palate, with a gentle mineral touch at the end.


Senjan is perfect beside a cheese aperitif, but can also match a fish or seafood.


Serve Senjan at a temperature of 8-10° C in a Flute o Tulip glass.

The local recipe

Risotto with shrimps


  • 350 gr Carnairoli rice
  • 700 gr shrimps
  • 1 onion
  • 1 bunch of parsley
  • 50 gr butter
  • 2 spoons of tomato sauce
  • 70 gr flour
  • 5 spoons of olive oil
  • salt
  • pepper

Wash the shrimps and divide the meat from the rest.

Flour the shrimp meat and fry it in a pan with 4 spoons of olive oil. Set aside.
In the same pan, fry the diced onion, add the tomato sauce, a glass of water, salt, and pepper to your taste. Let simmer for 20 minutes, then add the shrimp meat, let cook for 3 minutes.

Bring 1,2 liters of water to boil, add salt and the heads and shells of the shrimps, and let boil for 15 minutes. You can now eliminate shrimp heads and shells.

In a bowl, lightly toast the rice in 20 gr of melted butter and a spoon of olive oil. One glass at the time, when you see the rice is too dry, add the shrimp broth to the bowl. When the risotto is almost done, add the sauce and the shrimps and continue cooking for some more minutes (keep some shrimp meat aside for garnishing if you want).
When the risotto is done, add the remaining butter and some chopped parsley and stir until creamy.

Serve the risotto with some shrimp meat and some more parsley on top.

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