The Nosiola vine

The Nosiola vine is one of the many Italian native grapes, a spectacular and very distinctive variety that enriches the already various northern Italy landscape.
The name of this grape, which reminds the Italian word for hazelnut “nocciola", may come from its typical ending aroma (hazelnut indeed) but also from its typical crunchy and golden berries.

nosiola native grape italian wineNosiola is a white grape variety native of the Trento area, located in Trentino Alto Adige, northern Italy.

Nowadays, it is very widely grown in its original region, Trentino, but can be rarely found outside that area. As for many other native varieties, in fact, we can currently enjoy it thanks to the work of few local vignerons, who have always believed in it and kept growing and caring those vines, despite last decades’ interest for international grapes. Centuries ago, it was a main cultivation for the whole Trentino-Alto Adige, but at the present time, its vineyards are concentrated in the areas of Toblino, in the Lake Valley, on the hills surrounding Pressano.

This, because this variety grows well on poor fluvio-glacial grounds located on the side of a hill, with a temperate climate and windy days. The regions mentioned above correspond to these qualities and are affected by the positive influence of Garda Lake.

Wine made with Nosiola

The Italian native grape Nosiola is used in blends of numerous local white wines, besides being the base of the homonym wine Trentino Nosiola DOC.
There’s another very popular wine made with Nosiola grapes: its thick skin and its predisposition to botrytis, together with a late harvest and a drying period, allow winemakers to produce a high-quality sweet wine called Vino Santo (Trentino Vin Santo DOC). 

Typical traits of Nosiola


Deep yellow


Green fruit, blossom


Green/Stone fruit, hazelnut

Popular pairings with Nosiola

Freshwater fish

Trout, perch

Vegetarian entrées

Pasta with pesto


Trout and potato soup 

Typical traits of Vino Santo


Deep amber


Dried fruit, honey


Ttropical fruit, honey, nuts

Popular pairings with Vin Santo

Blue cheese

Gorgonzola, Roquefort

Foie gras


Local dry pastry

Zelten, crostoli 

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