Italy produces more than 500 different types of wine

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We bring you an exclusive wine experience with fine Italian wine, selected from all corners of Italy among the production of small wine producers who still work following some of the old techniques taught by the earlier generations.

Together with every bottle, our special and complete digital Tasting Guides, which will give you all the information you need to fully explore, understand and enjoy the wine.

Discover the history of the winery, find out where it is located and the characteristics of the territory, and get to know the procedures of winemaking.

Taste the wine with the help of our Sommelier tasting notes and the customized Aroma Wheel.

Get the best out of every bottle thanks to our Serving and Pairing suggestions and amaze your guests cooking the recipe we teach you.


Wine is alive: this saying not only refers to the fact that wine is always evolving, either in the barrel, bottle or once poured in your glass, but also to the long and interesting story that characterizes its journey from the vine to your table. Every single chapter of this story has shaped its aroma, taste, structure.

Vitium believes that tasting wine is not just a matter of sipping and that discovering the background of the wine makes a big difference in your enjoyment.

That’s why, after meeting every winemaker and analyzing their productions, we create a detailed Tasting Guide to turn into a wine experience every single bottle you uncork.

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Selected for their quality among the productions of small Italian wineries in love with their land.
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