About us

Our mission

Deliver a complete tasting experience to wine lovers all over the world, helping them go beyond the known labels and discover great wines made by winemakers in love with their land.

Good wine is more than just flavor and texture. It’s friends and family and laughter and memories. Wine is history and culture, science and poetry, Good wine is stories, and you can’t say you are really enjoying a wine if you don't know its journey from the vineyard to your glass. 

With supermarkets focusing more and more on homogenized, own-brand wines, we’re facing the future decline of good wines with provenance, character, and stories. Real wine. Which means a lot of people won’t be able to experience good wine, and a lot of great producers will go out of business.

We want to take you to the Italian countryside and introduce you to the winegrowers and their land, telling you about their effort to passionately turn the grapes into a wine that you will love.

Who we are

“I was born and raised in the middle of the vineyards, helping my dad working the family's vines, a legacy of his father and uncles, and producing wine with traditional methods. I've experienced on my back the effort and precision needed to take care of the grapes, and I've seen the sacrifices done by my dad, who had to work even on weekends or in the coldest days of winter if required, knowing that nature doesn't follow any human schedule.
All this dedication and passion is what makes wine so special, but rarely we get to know much about the wine, besides the tasting notes and what to pair it with. I want people to be able to enjoy wine at 100%, to give them the possibility to know that the wine they're sipping has been crafted by hours of study and work of many different people, and that it is prestigious just as a handmade piece of jewelry. On the other side, I want to support the efforts and struggles of small winemakers, just like my family, and help them emerge in today's wine market, which is dominated by industrialized, soul-less wine."

Matteo – Founder of Vitium

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