Italian wines from awarded wineries.

Discover the wine of your dreams with a selection tailored on your palate. Great value for a small price, delivered to you.

Why choosing Vitium

Rare awarded wines

We scout Italy looking for the best hidden-gems, and select great quality wines made by independent artisan winemakers or small wineries for you.

Customized experience

We learn your palate and deliver delicious wines according to your taste, and we improve our selection with your ratings. You can change your preferences anytime.

Available worldwide

Discover wines that you can’t find anywhere else, delivered to your door. Explore Italy with our exclusive service and support the work of small winemakers.

Artisans tell the story of their land through craftsmanship, passion, and dedication, producing artistic masterpieces.

You can’t say you are really enjoying a sparkling, a white or red wine without knowing its background and its journey from the vineyard to your glass, that’s why Vitium offers you a hand-curated experience that takes you to the Italian countryside and introduces you the winegrowers and their land, telling you about their effort to passionately turn the grapes into a wine that you will love. Prepare for a dive into Italian wine history, tradition and legacy with our monthly exploration service.

What the say about Vitium


The Nosiola vine

The Nosiola vine is one of the many Italian native grapes, a spectacular and very distinctive variety that enriches the already various northern Italy landscape.The ...

The Tank Method for sparkling wines

Developed by Eugène Charmat in 1907 and now known with many names (Charmat method or Metodo Italiano for example), the Tank Method is the main ...

Effects of Corona Virus on small Italian winemakers

The 11th march 2020, Italy has stopped. Actually most of Italy, as some industries that grant basic services or have their offices/factories sanitized periodically are ...
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